STS forum Young Leaders Program

12 May 2022

STS forum Young Leaders Program

The “Young Leaders Program” is a dialogue between Young Leaders and Nobel Laureates, where young leaders will have fruitful and productive discussions with Nobel Laureates in a friendly atmosphere. The program aims to invite outstanding young, promising leaders to attend the 19th Annual Meeting of STS forum. They can attend all the sessions of the Annual Meeting as regular participants. Representing the younger generations who bear the future of humankind, they will be expected to contribute their perspectives to the interactive dialogues of the forum. They will be able to build networks with the world’s top leaders and their peers and, in time, be part of the emerging movement to resolve the new types of problems stemming from the application of science and technology.

Approximately 130 professors, researchers, engineers, government officials, and business leaders recommended by national organizations or foundations participate in the program. (Maximum 5 people from each organization)

Other Information
1) Organizations that recommend young leaders should cover the participation fee (70,000 JPY per person), travel expenses, and accommodation fee.
2) The young leaders are required to answer a questionnaire later about their impressions and what they have learnt through participating in the 19th STS forum Annual Meeting.
3) Two representatives from the “Young Leaders Program” will be asked to review the 19th STS forum Annual Meeting at the Plenary Session (Key Messages from Concurrent Sessions) on October 4, 2022.

Regional Action on Climate Change (RACC14)
RACC14 is an adjunct meeting that focuses on climate change. Young leaders can participate in this program as audiences.
Details will be announced later. (RACC13 Website:

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