Research and Innovation Covid-19

12 June 2022

Research and Innovation COVID-19

     The country's research and innovation mission in medicine and public health. Under the Research and Innovation Fund 2, the powers and duties are as follows:

          1) Support research and innovation funding in the responsibility of individuals, groups of people, communities, and other government agencies. or private sector agencies to monitor, assist and evaluate projects that received funding for research and innovation

       2) Establish policies and criteria for allocation of funds in accordance with the policies and strategies of higher education, science, research, and innovation. and capital allocation the system as well as prepare rules for applying for funding screening grant applications and allocate funds to the recipients

       3) Make proposals and initiate important national research and innovation projects in their respective fields, as well as to promote, support, and coordinate the grantees to gather together to receive the grants and implement the supported projects.

      4) Administer plans in the areas of responsibility, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate achievements in accordance with policies and strategies of higher education, science, research and innovation.

          5) Promote and transfer knowledge of Science or technology related to research and innovation in responsibility

          6) Working with or supporting the operations of other relevant agencies or assigned by the Director

             And with the issue of coronavirus - 2019 that has arisen, research and innovation are supported according to the needs of countries that can solve the problem under policy research funding. and special and urgent research to solve urgent problems of the country in the epidemic phase, the (focus is to support research funding on the study of the pathogen and the genotype of the virus. especially genetic changes mathematical model to understand the spread of infection Fast, accurate, and fast diagnostic test kits Development of drugs and vaccines for control and prevention. and research in other fields according to the changing situation Later, when the first wave can be controlled Research and innovation are supported to develop equipment. and medical supplies or equipment used as a substitute for medical social education after covid Research to reduce economic, social, educational, and other innovations such as Al, infectious waste management. The situation management system Including research and development of vaccines in animals and humans and when the outbreak began to continue It will focus on research to expand research results and potential innovations, medical kits, and medical tools such as negative pressure rooms. PAPR Negative Pressure Bed Vaccine Management such as side effects cold chain vaccine and vaccine passport mutant Developing vaccines based on germline mutations and education to reduce social impacts and education, including people's livelihoods Restoring and stimulating the economy after COVID-19.

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