Franco-Thai Scholarship Program

25 January 2023

Full scholarship:

The full scholarship benefits include:
- A monthly allowance;
- A roundtrip ticket;
- Social protection;
- Advantages as the French government's grant holder.

Social Protection Scholarship/Bourse de Couverture Sociale:

Social Protection Scholarship or “Bourse de Couverture Sociale” gives access to a specific status, enabling candidates to benefit from social protection in France and other specific advantages (priority given on accommodation, exemption of tuition fees for some public higher education institutions’ program,...). The “Bourse de Couverture Sociale” can only be granted if a cost-sharing agreement insures a monthly allowance to the scholar, since it will not be provided by the Franco-Thai program for this type of scholarship.


Both Master's and Ph.D. Applicants are highly encouraged to look for other sources of funding not only from his/her own local or foreign universities but also from the private sector. Specific attention will be given to academic applicants who have found other sources of funding for their project.
Some doctoral schools ask for a higher monthly income than the monthly allowance granted by this scholarship program. Students applying to those doctoral schools have to check and coordinate with the French laboratory or doctoral school to secure additional funding.

Tuition fees
Please note that the Franco-Thai Scholarship Program does not cover tuition fees.
For some Master’s taught in French at a public university and for Ph.D. programs, being a scholar of the French Government will entail that the tuition fees will be lifted. It is the candidate’s responsibility to check the amount of the tuition fees for the program he/she is applying to.

In order to identify grant recipients, the selection committee will consider:
The candidate’s skills and merit as borne out by his/her academic record and professional background;
   - The quality of the study plan. Contacts with the Master’s degree or thesis supervisors and the progress of the project submitted will also be taken into account;
   - The strong and firm interest of the candidate in pursuing studies with regard to his/her previous studies and professional project;
   - The level of proficiency in foreign languages (French or English) and its adequacy with the intended curriculum;
   - Other sources of funding to support the project;
- For PhDs applicants, the selection committee will favor PhDs under joint supervision and the commitment of Thai and French supervisors will be decisive.

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