WorldInvent Singapore 22+23 (WoSG)

12 September 2023

The National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT), under the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation, proudly presented a delegation of Thai inventors and researchers showcasing their innovations and creations at the prestigious "WorldInvent Singapore 22+23" event held from September 4th to 6th, 2023, at D’ Marquee, Downtown East, in the Republic of Singapore.

"WorldInvent Singapore 22+23" (WoSG) is an internationally recognized competition and exhibition platform for inventors from various countries, organized by the Innovation Design & Entrepreneurship Association (IDEA), a global entity focused on promoting invention and innovation. NRCT acted as Thailand's Exclusive Agency, responsible for selecting and nominating the best Thai inventions and innovations to participate in WoSG. WoSG garnered substantial interest from inventors, researchers, investors, and scholars from over 20 countries, including Saudi Arabia, Morocco, China, Indonesia, Qatar, Romania, Vietnam, and Thailand.

On the event's inaugural day, Dr. Wiparat Deeong, Executive Director of the National Research Council of Thailand, expressed gratitude and extended warm greetings as a partner organization. NRCT's participation in WoSG served as a valuable opportunity to foster networks, open doors for Thai inventors and researchers to learn, and facilitate the development and standardization of inventions and innovations on the international stage. This engagement offers continuous avenues for expansion and commercialization, ultimately generating economic value and intellectual property benefits for Thailand. In 2023, NRCT presented a diverse array of Thai inventions, research projects, and innovations in various categories, including

• AgriTech

• Chemical

• EduTech

• Electronics & Mechatronics

• GreenTech & CleanTech

• HealthTech & SilverTech

• Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering

• Product Design

NRCT remains steadfast in its mission to promote and cultivate Thai ingenuity, research, and innovation, translating them into assets that create value and benefit the nation. Furthermore, NRCT is committed to fostering international collaboration in research, invention, and innovation, establishing a platform that inspires confidence, belief, and recognition in the high-quality work of Thai inventors and researchers on the global stage.

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